From the recording Personal Mythology

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Crumpled Valentine
How deep is the sea
Between you and me
And when did it get so cold?
What we need is a boat with a mast and a sail
And a compass, one that never fails
We’d need some money to pay for it all - can’t get by on just a smile
But when I look in my pocket, there’s only nickels and dimes
And this crumpled valentine
I might not make it home tonight
I might not make it home
Don’t wait up for me tonight
I might not make it home
How many times have I tried
To get past the first line
And write a love song for you?
I can’t seem to describe how the stars were that night
And what it was I wished for
It was winter, around this time
Nothing ever felt for more right
But still in the embers of a dying fire
I tossed my crumpled valentine
Don’t wait up…