From the recording Personal Mythology

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On Pilgrims Way
In my dream, I won’t let you go
I pull you close, we take it slow
There’s plenty of time
To get to where we want to be
Another day
On Pilgrims Way
The fallen leaves were crimson red
A makeshift pillow for your head
They did all they could
But you were too far gone
I’m afraid
On Pilgrims Way
There’s no point in hiding
There’s nowhere to run
The turns get even tighter
And hedges block the sun
When that Rough God goes riding
He’s riding out today
On Pilgrims Way
There’s a little white cross, and a sad bouquet
Words of comfort, fading away
No time to stop, and read what they say
You’re running late
On Pilgrims Way
Now there’s no point in praying
And there’s nothing to say
There’s only this feeling
Of being betrayed
On Pilgrims Way