From the recording Personal Mythology

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The Way  I’m Wired
The clutch is slipping, and the coolant’s low
And when you hit fifty you can really feel the road
The warning light is on, but it might be broke
And when you put your foot down you’re smelling smoke
It’s just the way I’m wired
It’s just me being real
Trying to wrap my head around a new steering wheel
It’s just the way I ride
It’s just the way I roll
Two wheels in the ditch, but I’m almost home
It’s just the way I’m wired
What once was shiny is looking pretty beat up
And on a hill like this, getting up to speed is tough
Gotta scar right here that I fixed up with tape
It’s from that time that I tried to escape
It’s just the way I’m wired
Ain’t gonna go and dip my toe in your pool. My finger is in the socket, I’m trying to keep cool.
Throwing off a bunch of sparks. Sawing through blue steel. My mouth is getting dry.
I’m keeping my eyes peeled. Afraid I might wind up drinking Baileys from a shoe.
It’s always Halloween, no matter what I do. I’ve having my best day, I’m having my best day.
I’m having my best day and I’m coming home to you.
I didn’t mean to make you cry
I’m a nice bunch of guys
Guess we’re all here to stay
And there’s nothing more that I can say
It’s just the way I’m wired